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About the photographer


I started my photography journey in 2013 as therapy to relieve stress and as a way to learn to live " the moment".   I honestly had no idea how much it would change my life for the better. When someone reaches out to  to tell me how my images bring them joy, it affects me deeply and pushes me to work harder.  You may spot me waist deep in the Gulf of Mexico or up in the trees doing whatever it takes to get the shot!  Beauty surrounds us and many people don't notice it.  Sharing that beauty through my lens is my joy!!!  Please enjoy! :) 

For the love of animals 

I have always been affected when i see an animal suffering.  My path has given me the privilege to work with two groups that I admire deeply for helping these animals. I am a HUGE fan of the tv show "Whale Wars" and the life work of the founder of Sea Shepherd, and the Captain Paul Watson foundation, one of my heroes, Captain Paul Watson.  I was thrilled when I was contacted about doing some work with Sea Shepherd.  I love working with this organization and doing photography for them.  I also love rescuing animals with the group "Birds in Helping Hands" If you would like to learn more and/or help these organizations please follow the links!  

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