Portrait session information

-A Regular shoot:  15 fully edited and airbrushed photos. You get two download copies; one sized for social media sharing and one full size download for print with no watermark. This is what it means “giving you the rights” so you can print as many as you like unlike many people who you have to pay each time you want prints. I also use full studio strobe lighting  vs camera flash. This gives the best light and color.  I charge $350 for the regular shoot.


-A Full shoot: double the photos of a regular shoot at 30 photos, but instead of double the cost you get a $150 discount and only pay $550.


Unlike many photographers I don't set a time limit. We shoot until I have what I need so we don't have to rush! I  am a freak about the quality of my work. The edits take between 3 days to a week depending on how crazy I have to edit. I spend a LOT of time doing the edits to make them magazine perfect for you  (I don’t make a dramatic change to your appearance just fix things up to make everything look amazing. I also remove everyone and everything from the background but you and the beauty of the scenery (No people or garbage cans lol ) Yes, I do charge more than some but i'm not trying to be the cheapest on the beach. I also don’t nickel and dime you along the way. My goal is to give you amazing photos that you will cherish!